Hello world!

I think that sometimes we are so caught up in the moment that we totally miss what life is really all about. We are always out there trying to find the newest gadget, the newest car the newest “thing”. But even when we find all that, our biggest fear is what we call “boredom”. A very good friend of mine, a long long time ago said, “there is no such thing as boredom only FEAR”.

We are really afraid. We are afraid to admit that the toys don’t fill the gap, afraid that we’ve isolated ourselves so much that we cannot really relate to others.

We are afraid to go out at night, afraid to let our kids play, afraid to talk to the neighbors….afraid to get close or closer….but in the end…that’s exactly what we long for…and also what we need.

For all our freedom, we have enslaved ourselves to perpetual loneliness and disconnected connections.

BUT GOD….isn’t always cool about Him…He comes to meet us right where we are…all feeling sorry for ourselves and stuff.

IS it just me or do people really think that tolerance is just being a bobble head to everyone’s ideas? Does it occur to anyone spouting this strange ideology that the word “tolerance” means to put up with (not agree with) a point of view that you vehemently Disagree with, and the people that do it are so intolerant of the people they are accusing of being intolerant, and it’s usually people they don’t understand.

When I read that sort of stuff all kinds of cognitive dissonance starts happening. I start to feel like Alice in Wonderland with the Cheshire cat or at he Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It’s crazy. But it’s everywhere.

And has anyone else noticed that a LOT of people don’t think anymore. It seems as if some people would rather be seen as an idiot that put out the energy to think. How does that work in a life? Don’t they eventually either self medicate or self-destruct?

Anyone want to jump in here with an explanation? Or two?


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