Yet another skeptic

Here’s another question I answered on “Answers” today….what do you think?

Why do you believe in god?
This is a post on Yahoo Answers that I answered this morning…
“Is it because you fear the fiery pits of an endless torment in hell? That’s quite a good fear tactic to get non-believers to believe… seems more like brainwashing terrorism to me though.What made you a “faithful believer” when there is virtually no evidence of a god.

What about hard facts such as evolution and the continued discovery of science that disproves the bible such as earths true age?

What kind of a person would give you those kinds of options? What kind of person would ask you to obey his every command without question?

Seems more like a dictatorship through terrorism to me”.


This is my answer

Here’s what your logic is saying.

Premise A:

There is virtually no (sensory) evidence of a god.

Premise B:

The Earth’s true age has been “proven” by science and is an absolute fact . (Meaning that it requires no interpretation and it is not a theory).

Premise C

The only thing that is true is something you can apprehend by senses


Therefore a god does not exist, and if he did, he’s a terrorist anyway.
Premise A is untrue:

God can be seen in the same way that your personality can be perceived. God can be seen in seasons, and in the design of the universe. God can be seen in the various characteristics of man, ie. the mind, the emotions, and the will. God can be seen “in everything that was made”

Premise B is false:

The Earth’s true age is a THEORY not a fact and IN FACT there are many theories about the age of the Earth. All have evidence and are backed by equally qualified scientists, but require “interpretation” of that evidence. Presuppositions, a priori beliefs, are involved in those “interpretations” so at least for now it cannot be established as a “FACT” as you state. If it was an absolute fact, everyone would agree.

Premise C, although implied, is also false.

It is not true that evidence of something’s existence is based on visual or sensual perception. For example: your ability to “know” 1+1 is 2 requires and intuitional and perceptual knowledge that is NOT visible. You might be able to use objects to demonstrate that principle but for someone to “get it”, it needs knowledge that you can’t observe.

The comments about God’s character are misunderstood. “Fire Insurance” acceptance of God will not get you into heaven.

God, who created the world, created man with a CHOICE to love God. This is God’s world, not ours. When Adam imputed sin to the entire race with his CHOICE to be his own God, God chose to come to Earth in the person of Jesus Christ and pay the sin debt for us…remember in Genesis 2, He said, “WHEN you eat of it, you shall surely die”. Adam knew the consequences for his actions, he just did it anyway. It was not a little matter, because he also knew that there was a life debt to pay for disobeying.

God because HE loves us, chose to come and pay the debt for those who wanted to go to heaven.

EVERYONE has that choice and everyone is given God radar to know and love God through creation. If they accept that, God will lead them where they need to go. But they must Acknowledge God (Romans 1:18 and following)

Again, He gives them a choice, but this time with a free pass to heaven. Some people though, still choose to go there own way. The good things that you see in this world were created and are maintained by God. When He comes back to get His people, those who choose not to go with Him, get to go to a special place where there is no grace…because that’s what they want… and a place where there is no grace (God’s riches at Christ’s expense) is Hell.

It’s your choice, you can’t call God a terrorist for that…you just have to call someone who chooses to go there self-willed, stubborn and foolish.


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