Do Christians Doubt?…Sure they do!

One person asks:

Does it ever give you pause for thought that most of the atheists on this board were formerly very, very committed Christians? That they thought about their faith and studied the Bible, but reached a point where they prayed to maintain their beliefs, and wept for them, before abandoning them? That once, they were exactly like YOU?

An easy way out would be, “Well, then, they were never true believers”, but from what some of them say, that is no way true. So I don’t think it would be dignified to accuse them of that. I wonder if some such atheists would attest to this (as it doesn’t apply to me).

Do you ever spent any quiet moments reflecting that one day you will wonder whether what you have held to be absolutely true may be false? Do you wonder if your life may follow a similar direction to others who have believed as strongly as you do now?

I should say I’m not asking anyone to become an atheist. I genuinely wonder about the quality of your doubt – rather than your faith.

Living Truth Answered:

I can agree with you. As a teen, then a young adult, then an older adult, who has lived quite a bit of life. I can tell you that I thought quite a bit about doubts. Being a thinker, and an avid reader, many of those questions entered my mind.
So I began to look for answers. I looked at naturalism, where nothing is real unless you can “verify” it. I looked at non-naturalism where the pain and bad things people do are an illusion, that the real world is “nirvana” or a place where you become one with the universe.

None of these, however, seemed to “fit” the reality that I saw, read about, or talked about or experienced.

It was not until I began to look into the evidence for the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that things began to make sense.
In over 2000 years, there were millions of people who had my doubts. There were thousands of people asking deep theological, philosophical, and epistemological questions about His LIFE. Still, in over 2000 years, His life is still the most significant life on Earth. He was only here a little over 30 years, never traveled over 100 miles in any direction, was homeless, and only had a few true friends, but He has impacted even us today…the way we measure time, the curse words we use, the arguments we have, the “morals” we preach (even atheists) and yet, no one in over 2000 years has been able to overcome the impact of this one single life.

I began to study the evidence for His life, then when I was convinced of that I studied that old Bible. For this man, who predicted His death and resurrection, and did exactly what He said He was going to do, is the only human being that has ever done that. It was CHRIST, not Christians that said the Bible was God’s Word. It was Christ who said the Bible was true. It was Christ who said that not a jot or a tittle (little tiny parts of the Hebrew Language) would pass from His Word till all was fulfilled.

Jesus was crucified because He said He was God, but He came back to prove it ….I believe that…you got something better? We as Christians are more than willing to hear your evidence…not RHETORIC…but evidence.
If you are interested in evidence try reading C.S. Lewis, “The Case for Christianity”, Lee Stroebel, “The Case for Christ”, Frank Morrison, “Who Moved the Stone”….all of these men had those doubts. All of them set out to PROVE that God did NOT exist…their search for the evidence led them to Christ.

We as Christians are not your enemy, we are just the messenger. God ASKS us to do that. WE have no vested interest in the outcome other than to please the God who loves us.

We can’t get into heaven by works…no one can be good enough…so the only reason we tell you things is because, first we care about God, and second, because we care for those HE made…that would be YOU….and all those who you think we are offending.

I don’t have to do this…I am assured of the “evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11
I am persuaded that HE not ME is able…I don’t need your approval…I just care about where you will spend eternity.

God doesn’t send people to hell….they go there willingly.

We as Christians most certainly have doubts…until we meet the PERSON who answers them…that PERSON is God in the form of Jesus Christ.



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