God isn’t God?

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Why do people think they can completely understand God?

If you can completely understand God, then he wouldn’t be God.

My Answer was:

Great Question!

The answer is found in the teaching of Jesus Christ. Before He was crucified, Jesus, talking to his disciples, told them what was going to happen. He told them why He would be crucified, that he would be gone for three days and that He would reappear to them before going back to the Father. (John 13-17)
He told them that they should be glad that He was going because He would send the other part of God the Holy Spirit to “guide them in all truth” (John 16:1-15). He told them then that the job of the Holy Spirit was to guide them in know the truth. That included the writing of the New Testament Gospels, which He oversaw.
Christian believers are indwelled by the Holy Spirit, which is given to them as a sign that they belong to God. It is the first promise of salvation. So when a believer reads the Bible ( in fact we are taught to study it diligently), they are enabled by the Holy Spirit to know what they need to know for that minute.
Can they get it wrong? Sure, but if you talk to some mature believers, who have some theological training and background most of them will agree on the essentials. We are after all human, and we all as humans struggle with a sin nature. That doesn’t “go away” the moment one accepts Christ. After accepting Christ one has to walk day to day beside Jesus, putting off the bad and putting on the good, not to gain entrance into heaven, but to do as He called us to do. Why? because we love God. Does that make us special? NOT AT ALL…it makes Him special.
God tells us (in His Word, that He enables us to understand) that HE will make Himself known to us and that WE will understand Him if we seek Him with all our hearts, minds, and strength…so if HE is God, HE can do that…we do NOT do that on our own.
Clear as mud?…it takes TIME to learn all this…if you want to start…e-mail me, I can help you. Source(s):

NASB version Keword Study Bible, The Gospel of John Chapters 13-17


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