This is a really good question:

“Why do I need someone to die for my sins”?

This is what I said:

You are assuming that you got here by accident, and that you don’t need salvation. Christians don’t believe that’s the case. They believe that God created the world (based on what they see in the world and by the person and work of Jesus Christ). Jesus told us that He was sent into the world to rectify the situation that happened in Genesis 3. God’s Holy standard is absolute perfection. So if you have every made a “mistake” by telling a lie, thinking a less than perfect thought, or by denying God’s existence (like you are doing above) you have “missed the mark of perfection” which is the meaning of the word “sin” (hamartia) in Greek.
That lack of perfection needs to be fixed…so Christ died for that lack of perfection. Since God is the maker of the is God, not us, that gets to make the rules.
If its God’s world, and His rules, then it’s His decision who needs to be saved…not yours. If He decides that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and that they only way to get there is to acknowledge Him and God (and not self) and to accept His free gift, which it is…then to not do so will leave you condemned already (John 3:16-21) and you will miss the boat on salvation. Now if you are right, and the truth is that you don’t need to be saved nothing lost for you or those who have acknowledged God. But if the opposite is true and you NEED salvation based on what God has said, they you lose. The consequences of that choice (to not acknowledge that God is and that He is sovereign) is a special place where there is not God. That means no love (for HE is love) no grace (because you will have forsaken that), no light (for He is light) and constant burning with no quenching (Jesus talked more about hell than He did about heaven). That place is Hell. Your choice. So, it’s a gamble, you’re either right or wrong…I choose to believe…it’s a one in two bet. If I am wrong I lose nothing…If I am right, I gain everything. What are your odds? Do you think that’s a safe bet? There’s only one truth..


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