Looking for God’s Will in All the Wrong Places

A problem with many Christians is that they frantically search for God’s will in every situation as if God is playing some sort of childish game of Hide N Seek with them.

It is sad to think that people see God as so capricious as if playing with His people was some sort of sick amusement for Him, to ward off the boredom of an otherwise dull existence. This kind of God, it seems, only has a desire to “fool” His people. To make them work for His attention.

What kind of a God is that?

Do you know people who do that?

Do you believe that God’s Will is hidden somewhere for us to constantly have to hunt for?

That is NOT the GOD I SERVE!

My God is bigger and better than that!

My God made the universe in six literal days. He KNOWS what He wants and is not afraid to share it.

In fact, He tells me in His Word (Romans 1:18-30), that EVERYONE can know Him just by looking at creation and that not one person is unable to know Him that way.

Not only that, but He says He created us with the ability to KNOW HIM, and that you have to suppress that knowledge to NOT know Him.

Why would a God who went to all that trouble to make sure that everyone could know Him, turn around and hide His will for our lives?

Jesus said that God has a special place in His heart for us. A God that would play Hide N Seek games with us is not that kind of person. In fact, He’d be quite the opposite. It makes more sense to me that God would be consistent with His character.

God has a world that He created, a world in which He placed people with the ability to know Him. All He asks is that we acknowledge His Sovereignty and return the love He gives us.

If we Love God, and Learn about Him, and walk in the Light as He reveals it, we will never be out of His will. You don’t need to frantically look for something that you already have….

Think About That….

Move Above and Beyond the N.O.R.M.

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