Looking for God: Can We Miss the Call?

Have you ever been with someone, in a panic, who was looking for something? They look everywhere but they completely miss the obvious.

I have done that…a lot. Do you think that people do that with God’s Will or God’s call on their lives?

I’ve seen people acting as if they have been searching forever for the one thing that God will tell them to solve all their problems in life. That one thing will answer all the secrets of what they should do in their lives.

The problem is, it does not work that way. God does not really give us the whole map; just a piece of it. If He gave us the whole thing at once, we would probably quit.

God is wise to only give us what we can handle now (1Cor. 10:13) and even with that, we complain.

I have a theory, we call them “Aubri theories” at our house. These are named after our brilliant, and quite whimsical oldest daughter is always coming up with theories that the rest of us strain to figure out.

My Aubri theory is this.

God’s Will for our lives is like a “which way” book.

These books were popular when my children were little. They had a story line that enabled the reader to choose “which way” to go within the plot. As the reader chose different options, the story changed a little. Ultimately, though, the reader always came out with a completed story.

I believe that God is SO BIG that He is undaunted by any choices we make. I also believe that God gave us the “ability” to make choices. His only concern is that we honor Him in all the choices we make….but we don’t do we?

God’s will is like a “Which Way” book. God gave us the freedom to make choices in many things, but not all things. God likes us to have freedom.The greatest freedom He gave us was to choose to reflect the love He gives to us back to Him.

With freedom, however, comes responsibility. If I choose to disobey God, then He is not obligated to save me from the consequences of my free choices. If I choose to ignore what He plainly tells me is His will in the Bible, then He is not obligated to make sure I receive the better consequences that would have resulted if my choice was to do what He calls me to do in there.

So if I’m missing God’s will, I don’t have to go frantically looking for it. I just have to retrace the steps of my “Which Way” book and make another choice.

John 15:1-27; Matt 25:14-30


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