Entry for March 23, 2007


Question of the Day….they’re still at it….

What about Human Rights in the United States?

Today’s questioner asks if all forms of abortion should be a felony….hmmm, if you kill your children, or your mother or father or cousin…would that always be a felony?

“Should all forms of abortion count as a felony?

What about the morning after pill? Should you get life in prison for that? What about adoption? Should we force people to adopt when orphanages become too overcrowded? What about women who die from back-alley abortions? Should we defecate on their graves?”

Living Truth Answer:
What is the value of an innocent human life? If the fetus is not human, then abortion should be legal all the time for any reason. BUT if the fetus is a human being then there are NO reasons, even the ones that you listed above, that justify taking an innocent life. It’s not just about the mother…or the father…it’s about all of them…

So it all depends on what you think the value of a human being is. Peter Singer, the Bioethics Chair of Princeton University believes that abortion should be legal up until the baby is 1 month old. He posits that the baby is no less human because of Size, Level of Development, Environment or Degree of Dependency. Are any of us less human because of those things? How far does it go?
When does a human get human rights?
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