Hearing the Call





Jesus said, “Those who have ears…let them hear.”


Many times, we see God as an ultimate fire insurance policy. Even though it may be true, what does that say about our relationship to Him?


God placed us here in the Garden He prepared for us, and His desire is that we appreciate the gift. What is that gift? The gift of life that He gave us, the gift of His image imprinted in us, and the gift of a beautiful environment that He made for us. Our only job is to be good stewards of the gifts God bestowed upon us and to love God in return.


What do we do with that? For the most part, we ignore it. What we do in return for His loving kindness is ask the question, “What has God done for me lately?” Intellectually dishonest skeptics are always asking for proof of God’s existence, while standing in the world that He made for them and ignoring the faculties God gave them to perceive Him in His creation. Romans 1:18-25 tells us “none is without excuse.” God does not have to prove anything to anyone, He is God, and we are not.


Very often, people answering skeptics use tactics that God specifically asks us not to utilize; consequently, they misrepresent God’s nature and His character while they do it.


Just like the skeptics themselves, they offer in return a “me fest” that fires back defensive shots without really explaining why the other person is blinding themselves.


Although it may be a secret to some, God calls on everyone, Christian or not, to use the equipment He gave us. He calls us to notice those things in creation that SCREAM of His nature. It is not “Mother Nature” its God’s nature.


God is not obligated to us; however, we are obligated to Him. So let those who have ears hear. When God gives you the ability to see Him, and puts you in a place that constantly reveals Him, it is in our best interest to hear the call. What other options do we really have?


Bible Study Passages

Romans 1

1Peter 1:3-9






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