Yet another incrediquestion…

I have removed the offensive language….

Here is another incrediquestion…..I had to post this…what do you think?




IS NOT going TO CHURCH, THE REASON why PEOPLE TURN INTO ******* and *****?My pastor told me this, is this true? Please no rude answers thanks…
Chaplydia Writes about Living Truth
Church is to equip the “ministers” who are in the pews to go out and LOVE those people who your just impugned. That language is not the language Jesus would use for people in need of salvation. He would love them and hate the sin. He would not make their sin part of who they are. If your pastor really thinks that, he needs to go back to seminary. if he didn’t go to seminary, he needs to.
Church is a place for people who love the image of God in all sinners (even those in the pews), and people who mourn over their own sin to the point of humility. It causes them to have mercy for and give grace to others who are EQUALLY as sinful. (Matthew 5:3-12). It is not a place where people sit in judgment of other people. Jesus spoke the strongest in a negative way to the religious people like that…they were the Pharisees and the Saducees.
The successful churches are those who “get that”. Christians are to be “Kingdom citizens” and minister reconciliation to God not hate for fellow sinners. Those churches attract hurting people who struggle with sin.
Homosexuality is a complicated issue. Christians who lack the insight into the problem, and have no compassion, chase away people who could otherwise come to Christ.They also make it tough for the rest of us who are trying to minister to people who need it. Going to church hasn’t done a whole lot for some lifelong “christian” Pharisees. Their inability to love those who are different from themselves negate their witness.(1Corinthians 13:4-10). How could people like that help those who don’t know God. There would be no one in such churches that know God well enough to share. FYI, we have homosexuals attending our church. and they know where we stand. We do not go around calling them offensive names either…we call them people Jesus loves who have a sin problem…..JUST LIKE US. Homosexuality is not the biggest sin…PRIDE is.

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