It’s Lent-Repent


It’s Lent-Repent

By Dr. Cheryl A. Durham, D.B.S.




As we approach Easter this year, many of us do not realize that “Easter” is more important than Christmas. We do not have a big build up all over the country about Easter; however, Resurrection Sunday is the highest of holy days for Christians. Why is this?


Could it be that what Jesus calls us to do on Easter is less palatable than what we “get” for Christmas?

Let us look at that!


Christ’s passion calls us first to repent. It is a season of sacrifice; therefore, we are asked to give up what the world has to offer in order to live in “The Eternal Kingdom.”


We are asked to pick up our cross with our Savior and follow Him.


We are asked to be Kingdom citizens, in a hostile world, in order to be “light” to the darkness. What a request!


In comparison, Christmas is more obscure, and it is more about us receiving instead of

giving. We received the gift from God but we give gifts to our friends and families here. That type of “giving” is often out of obligation or because we know, there is a “quid pro quo” somewhere in the mix.


What God calls us to do at Christmas is much less threatening and we can control our sacrificing (with a monetary standard).


Which of these two Holy Days do you think is more important to God? Is it the call to receive or the call to give? To which call are you listening? Which Kingdom is it that is more important to you, yours or His?


Bible Study Verses


Isaiah 9:6– “…to us a child is born to us a Son is given…”


Isaiah 53:5– “By His stripes we are healed…”


Matthew 10:38– “whoever does not take up his cross is not worthy of me.”


Matthew 16:24– “Then Jesus told his disciples, ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.’”



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