The Kingdom Diet


The Kingdom Diet

Matt. 5:6

When we are hungry, we want to eat. Eating the right food is important. The right food, nutritionists tell us, determines our quality of life. What goes into our mouths will eventually be seen in our bodies as fat, lean, health or the lack thereof.


Hunger, a desire from inside, causes us to look at the satisfaction of that desire (food) in a way that suits that desire. An example is the desire for sweets. Unless we override the wrong desires, and replace them with good ones, “I want to be healthy or thin”, etc

We will only follow our hearts to the sugar bowl. The same principle works for our spiritual selves. The process is a little different though. Spiritually we have “hungers” as well. Those hungers can be for sin or righteousness. The people of the kingdom, who come with no righteousness of their own, long to fill that hunger for righteousness with God, their healthy food.


If their eye desires sin, righteousness is nowhere in sight. God cannot commune with sin. If, however, their desire is to be what they were created to be, they will desire the righteousness found only where the King Himself lives.












Therefore, as we realize how poor we are, we begin to mourn. That mourning turns in to a hunger for the righteousness we lack which we can find only in God. God dwells in the kingdom. Kingdom citizens thrive solely on God’s grace. Receiving God’s grace when we do not deserve it in and of ourselves results in a grateful righteousness that reaches out to others in mercy.


When we find that the satisfaction of our true hunger can only be found in God, we will willingly die to self to be satisfied. When we come to Him, we find that He willingly and abundantly supplies. He feeds us with spiritual bread and living water freely and with grace. That bread satisfies our hunger; the water permanently quenches our thirst, and purifies our hearts, leaving us with a mercy towards others.


Bible Study Verses:


Matt. 5:6

Mat 5: 15-20

John 4:7-15






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