Satan as an excuse?


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I answered a question today that I believe hits on some of the fears of the people who do not know Christ. The questioner asked if the United States became a Christian country, would a person be able to claim that “Satan” made them do something approximating an insanity defense. I answered the question as follows:



NO! First because Satan is a created being and is therefore incapable of controlling another person to the point of lack of choice (1Corinthians 10:13) and second, even God does not control us; we are responsible for our own moral behavior (James 1:12).
I am giving you the verses here so that you can see for yourself that the Bible does not teach any such thing.
Man gets his worth from God’s choice to make man in HIS image. God gave the Earth to Man and told man to be a good steward. God expects good stewardship, so He gave man all the equipment (physical, mental and spiritual) to carry out the job as man walked with God (2Peter 1:3-9). Man chose to go it alone, by listening to Satan, (Gen. 3) and consequently chose the curse . Christ came into the world to end that curse by choosing to atone for the sins of those who would accept His sacrifice. Satan’s hold was broken on the day of the Resurrection (Easter for us). Therefore, anyone who chooses Christ as his justification for heaven, gets the Holy Spirit (of God) placed in him by God as a guarantee of God’s promise of heaven. Satan cannot occupy the same place as the Spirit of God and can only do what God allows him to do.
Satan, therefore, has no hold over a Christian that the Christian does not choose. The Christian is completely responsible for his own moral choices.
            Men who believed in a Sovereign God founded the United States. They believed that the Bible was God’s Word and therefore sacred and necessary for living life, not just the spiritual life.  Not all of them were Christians, but most believed that God was Sovereign in the affairs of men. Our “checks and balances”, and our three-part government, were patterned after the Bible’s Old Testament Laws. Thomas Jefferson, who many wrongly credit for the separation of church and state as it is today, was very strong in his stand on God’s Sovereignty and His place in all law. His position of “separation of church and state” was that Government should not take a stand on any specific ways that people practice their worship. Nowhere does he say that God needs to stay out of government. He says that Government should keep their hands off religious decisions and leave it up to the person to decide. The founding fathers practiced “natural law”, which is an assumed right and wrong based on the principles written in the Bible. They did not believe that you could have a government any other way.  They did not practice “positive law”, which is what we have today. Positive Law just defers to the “powers that be” and it is the same type of concept that allowed for people to come into power like Hitler, and Mussolini.  It is the current popular worldview of our media particularly and some political parties. This worldview is not religiously neutral, but it masquerades as neutral. It discriminates against the Christian view, by trying to oust all things “God” from the public square. Most of the founding fathers believed that if the laws and principles governing our country were not based on Biblical ones, the country would collapse. We see this happening right before our very eyes, primarily since the early 1960’s. The people coming here thought that America was the Christian “promised land”. They acted accordingly. It was their worldview, the Christian one, that built this country. There were times when people who said they were Christians sinned, however, the Bible never says that Christians do not sin, otherwise there would have been no reason for Jesus to come.


Genesis 3; Roman 1:18-27, James 1, 1Corinthians 10:13, Eph. 2:8-10; Romans 8:1, John 1:12, John 6:47, John 5:24, Galatians 2:21
“Living History-America”, ed. Erik Bruun, and Jay Crosby New York, Tess Press 19



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