The difference between Religion and Christianity

Chaplydia Writes about Living Truth


The questioner today was worried about losing his faith because his “religion” of trying to keep commandments, reading the bible and evangelizing were wearing him down. This is how I answered.



God’s two commandments to Christians are found in Matt. 22:35-37. If everything you do reflects those two commandments then all that religious stuff doesn’t matter. You don’t get brownie points for being good, or going to church, or witnessing. Your job is to LIVE the TRUTH of the Gospel in every moment…LOVE God and LOVE your neighbor…the rest comes out of sharing the grace YOU have received.
To put it simply,
God loved you…He died for you…so you could live forever. Isn’t that GREAT…go tell people about the relationship you have with Him. Read the Bible for Him to talk to you…Prayer is you talking back to Him in response to what He is saying to you. Witnessing is just telling everyone how great it is to have someone who loves you that much (like a girlfriend or boyfriend). Don’t worry about running out to find people to tell, God will put them there…just be available and take advantage of the situations that God puts in your path. You don’t have to beat down doors.
If your faith is in YOUR ability to do all that stuff that you mentioned your faith is not in GOD…it’s in you…uh that doesn’t can’t earn your way into God’s good graces…you have to accept it as a gift.
Christ’s (not your)



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