Absolutely true?

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Are those people who insist that there are no absolutes confused? Isn’t their insistence indicate that they are “absolutely sure” about that?



Chaplydia Writes about Living Truth


Yes, the statement, “there are no absolutes” is self-defeating. Do not ever believe someone who says that. It means that they do not think about what they say.

The same goes for the word “tolerance”. In today’s world, “tolerance” means that I should agree that you are right and you should agree that I am right, even if we are not. The word “tolerance” means to be courteous to people that you vehemently disagree with. It does not mean that you have to agree. No one has to tolerate someone he agrees with.
Relative morality is self-defeating as well. What is true for you and what’s true for me can both be true even when they contradict each other.
That is self-defeating as well, and no one lives by it. The people who insist that all morals are relative, are the first to yell when someone else’s morals allows them to steal the relativist’s car. They do not seem to mind laws or prisons either. So in reality, they believe in some morals. They just want to pick their own. When it comes to other people? Well that is a different story.


Next time that someone insists that morals are relative, ask them to hand over the keys to their car….see what happens!


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