Jesus Wept

Entry for April 17, 2007


Jesus Wept.

I am saddened by the events at Virginia Tech but not surprised. Why? The Truth is that the world is a broken sinful place. The people in it are broken and sinful, me you and everyone. There are no TRUE innocents…only people in need of a Savior. Why don’t people get that? Because even though they know the truth, they supress it and worship the creation instead of the creator. When everyone is wise in their own eyes, lawlessness abounds. Mental health aside, why would a person even think that their anger is a reason to take a human life? The devaluation of life period is the reason that it is so easy to do. When people become things then life becomes valueless. We have gargantuan life issues in this country like abortion and euthanasia, and using innocent human lives to save “already walking people”, and yet people are surprised when they see people killed.

We have professors in Colleges, very prestigious ones who think that they can determine the value of life. People are not God…only God is God, and that’s why Jesus wept, and then He went to the cross to pay for that sin.

Jesus wept at the senselessness of death…and we did it to ourselves…..pretty sick huh?
The only way to fix it …is to take personal responsibilty for our own sin, accept His gift of the payment for our sin, then to live our lives by critically thinking, loving God and others, not indulging in self worship.

Romans 1:18-30


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