Gun Control or Self-Control?

Gun Control or Self-control?




It seems that when a tragedy such as the VT or Columbine, or Oklahoma City, happens everyone wants to try to take the “tools” out of the perpetrators hands. The problem however, is not the tools it is the perpetrator. Any “thing” can be used for evil. The “thing” does not make the deed evil…the person does.
A solution of making guns illegal only works if the people who are losing the guns are willing to abide by the Law voluntarily.

However, people who commit these kinds of crimes are not “law abiding” citizens. Expecting them to do so is ridiculous.

The only people without the guns will be the LAW ABIDING people. If criminals were all law abiding, they wouldn’t be criminals right?  Therefore, the logic of taking away guns to prevent angry psychopaths from acting out on innocent people is self-defeating.

Psychopaths are psychopaths because they think that the laws don’t apply to them. They think that vulnerable people deserve what’s coming to them just because they are vulnerable.

These are not sick people, they’re evil, and we can’t control their morality by taking away a few of their toys. They’ll just find other ones. How about hands, should we take them away as well? Do we take away all the hands of those people who hit with their fists? How about silverware? Does anyone else see the folly in this solution?

The problem remains that our society has taken away all the self-restraint that people had for doing anything they wanted. What we have to do (and I am not sure it can be done) is to start to demand morality. However, WHOSE morality? The only morality that would work is one that transcends humanity and can see all of humanity at once. He/she would have to be able to be sovereign in the affairs of men and he/she would have to be perfect and righteous, loving and just.

There is a God who does just that. He is a perfect, righteous, loving, just, long-suffering, self-sacrificing God who created everyone and everything here. Jesus Christ was the image of that God. He walked on Earth; He let people kill Him in order that He might become the righteousness of men. The grave did not stop Him. He rose from the Grave.  He told us that God wanted to reconcile us to Him and that the only way to do it was for Him to come down and pay the price Himself. He rose from the grave as He predicted to prove He was God, and to let us know that there was a perfect judge who had a perfect plan for how the world can be better.

Now I hear many people saying there is no “proof” for God, but that just is not so. Jesus Christ WAS God, and He walked, talked, and ate with people. Over 500 people saw Him alive after they knew He was dead. That is proof, but not all of it either.

The point is that there is a solution to people “playing God” and that is to recognize the REAL God and do what He says. The book of Romans in the Bible (Chapter 1) tells us that God created ALL of us with an ability to know Him. In fact, the only way NOT to know Him is to “pretend” that He does not exist. People who do that are trying to be their own god, and they do not want interference. Like a psychopath that does not want to “acknowledge” rules and reality, they keep going down a dangerous path.
The solution is not to take away what they are using to ignore God, the solution is to turn and acknowledge the reality of God…Jesus said, “Those who have ears…let them hear”.


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