Are you kidding?

I still see lots of people saying that they needed to see the VT shooters video to know why he shot all those people. WHY was never really part of his performance. He just wanted people to notice him. He wanted to hurt people because people hurt him…who needs video to know’s intuitively obvious.

Anyone who takes the time to plot out how they can play God by taking the lives of other people is evil. There is no WHY that justifies taking an innocent human life. The value of a human life is not diminished by the fact that this kid may or may not have a reason for what he did. ANY reason is not good enough. So watching the video to find out WHY doesn’t make sense. The only reason to watch the video is the same reason we rubberneck at accidents on the highway…it’s just to see what is going on. Our culture of violence is not sickened by that, it is titillated by that.

The fact that the video horrified and damaged the victims families matters not…the PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW….who cares about what it does to the victims. They are not as newsworthy as this sick and twisted kid who only wanted his way, regardless of who it hurt. The reason WHY will not bring them back nor will it remove evil in the future. Evil lies at the heart of every man. It always has the potential to do exactly what that kid did. The difference between him and others, is self-control and concern for human life.


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