An Incongruent Response

Some of my blog posts highlight questions I have answered for people. It seems to me that there are four different types of “askers”.

The first one is sincere. They are really looking for information. To me, these are the most enjoyable. There is a chance to connect and make a friend.

The second is really not asking a question at all, but rather veiling some anger behind a rather tell-tale question. They are hiding a negative attitude or opinion, that if they were honest wouldn’t come out in such an obvious slam. These people, are not likely to connect, but trying to do so in spite of them sometimes comes out with an understanding.

The third and the fourth are really downward spirals of the second. The third usually holds an uniformed or biased perspective or they have been hurt by someone who resembles the person they are directing their question to. It’s veiled aggression, with no real openness to resolve. They’ve built a straw man and they want to knock it down.

The fourth person, like the one I wrangled with this week, is just a nasty old bigot who likes to throw barbs at people he doesn’t understand. When engaged, he continually taunts the person answering the question with ad hominem attacks. This person just wants to make others miserable and pacify his desire to be arrogant, rude and self-satifying. Yuck…what a wasteoid.

While it is fairly easy to blow them off with the same kinds of pejoritives that they throw out, as a Christian, I am called to provide and incongruous response. That response can look to the person as if I have just let him win. LOL

Au contraire….in his haste to back me into a corner with name calling and badgering, this person failed to see that my DAD (God the Father) and my BIG BROTHER (Jesus) were standing right there behind him…(smile) and whether the person believes in God or just thinks He’s a crutch, the Holy Spirit and the hounds of heaven will be responding to MY incongruent response.

As a child of the King, I am able to go to the Throne of Grace and request that the God of the Universe release those hounds. Jesus, my brother, has told me that when I do this it WILL be done, becuase I ask it in His name.

I don’t have to muster big earthly guns to defeat this fool, God will do it for me…and the goal is to get him right into the heaven he doesn’t think exists…because of course, he can’t see it. LOL

God loves this person as much as He loves me. Together, God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) will not let this person forget who is God! All I had to do was pray….how incongruent a response!!!


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