The Psalms: A Handbook of Human Behavior

By Dr. Cheryl A. Durham D.B.S.


Many people ask about emotions and God. Sometimes it is hard to relate what we think to current day situations and “feelings” with the Biblical writers.

As weird as it sounds, there is no feeling experienced in the 21st Century that is not addressed in the Book of Psalms. Feelings are common to everyone and do not change.

Emotions are a universal language. It does not matter what language you speak, happy is happy, sad is sad, curious is curious, and angry is angry. The entire range of human emotions happens in every culture. Stranger yet, they also happen for the same reasons. For example, a person will register disappointment when their expectations are higher than reality. In addition, when someone lies to them, they will probably be angry. When people hurt them, they will be sad. There are no cultures or groups of people where emotions are different. Emotions are common to the human race and they are all the same.


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