Psalms 20: A Skeptics Answer: Why trust God? p2


Psalms 20: A Skeptics Answer: Why Trust God?

Part 2: His nature is Perfect.

God’s righteousness, faithfulness, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, holiness, and sovereignty, among other things, can be counted on to be consistent and immutable. There is only one thing God cannot do and that is deny his character. In Psalm 20, we see a blessing being pronounced. This could be for an earthly King or even believers as they go to battle with a fallen world.

In verse 1-2, the prayer asks God to assist in time of trouble. Verses 3-5, there is a petition for God to see the righteousness and love toward Him from His servant. It asks God to respond in love and through salvation to the right desires of His people. It asks God to answer their prayers.

Verses 6-9 declare the faithfulness of God to fulfill His promises to His people. It upholds and rejoices in the promises that God gives against the false promises and the world. Why do you trust? Is it God? Or something else?


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