Psalms 25: Humility

Psalms 25: Humility


After an honest look at God and ourselves, there should be no other response but humility. When we look at His wondrous wisdom, power, and righteousness, we should turn to Him for our protection, pardon, and guidance in all things. This is exactly what David does in Psalm 25.


In verse 1, David is giving God the respect He deserves. He is trusting God to protect him from his enemies and even himself. David extols God’s faithfulness and loving kindness to His people.


In verses 8 – 15, David speaks of how God instructs those with a humble heart. A right attitude toward God engenders God’s kindness. God longs for us to be holy, so that He can come near to us. His demand for holiness is not so that we “tow the line” in some sort of obedience to Him for obedience sake. Rather God longs to be close to us. Our lack of respect for Him, and elevation of self, destroys that intimacy. We break his heart by breaking the rules. We never break his patience or love for us. When God sees that our hearts are yielded to Him, he goes the extra mile to reach out to us and help us in our weakness.


In verses 16-20, David is yielding his heart to God. David gives us an example of how to trust God’s forgiveness. David is asking God to be faithful to His character, and to guard David from his own sin and the sin of others. David is a humble man after God’s own heart.


David is pouring his heart out to God. He is proclaiming an intimate trusting relationship, where David depends on God for his everything. He is asking God to see his innermost thoughts and feelings, and to respond to the cry of his heart. In verses 21-22, David finishes his plea to God, and then rests knowing God will answer. David says, “For I wait for thee…” Close your eyes. Can you see God smiling?



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