Psalms 27: Self Confidence vs. God Confidence

Psalms 27: Self Confidence vs. God Confidence


We often hear people say, “all you need is a little self confidence, and you can do anything.” Is that really true? How does my confidence in myself remove enemies? How does it remove things I have no control over? I think that trying to have self-confidence in a chaotic world will make you crazy! There’s so much we can’t do.


David’s confidence is not in himself. In fact, he has little or no self-confidence. His hope and power come only from God’s grace. Let’s see how successful he is! In verse 1-3, David realizes that there is nothing that he cannot do with God’s help. God lights a path for David to be able to properly assess his situation. It is pointless to be afraid when God’s has your back!


In verses 4-6, David sees that he can have confidence in God’s plan for David’s future. David looks forward to being with God forever in an intimate unending relationship. Then, God will eliminate all the trouble from David’s life.


Verses 7-10  is David’s song to God, asking Him to be present in David’s everyday moments. David wants to be with God 24/7, and he doesn’t want his own sin to get in the way. David knows that even his own family will forsake him here on Earth, but his Heavenly Father never will (Heb. 13:58).


Verses 11-12, David asks God to teach him how to get even closer to Him. David is hungry to know God’s thoughts and words. Verses 13-14 is David expressing his God confidence! He tells everyone that they can have the same thing if they just wait on God!


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