Psalms 29: Acknowledging God’s Lorship over all

Psalms 29: Acknowledging God’s Lordship over all


Having faith in an All- Powerful God gives us peace, but what of others? What should we do for others to help them have that same peace? In Psalm 29, David is showing that it is God, not other religions, that uphold the world. While people may “believe” different things, that can’t all be true. In this Psalm, David addresses the religions of his time.

He uses the themes of these religions, such as, the power behind life and storms (v. 3-9), and victory over floods (v. 10-11), which the Canaanites believed their gods had control of.

David says that it is actually the God of the Bible that is in control. David’s confidence in his God allows him to proclaim God’s glory. He is confident that in the end his God will prevail. David wants others to know that in order to be saved they need to put their faith in God.


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