Psalms 30: Waiting out the Storm

Psalms 30: Waiting out the Storm


Have you ever been in a place where life seemed hopeless? Have you been in a place where there appears to be no end to the sorrow and pain that happens so often in life? When you are in that place, do you feel that you are the only one that ever suffers?

At the time, you only see happy people that have what they want. That rut can feel as though it is endless. This is the “pit” that David appears to be in. In verses 1-3, David is saying that when he was in that place, it seemed that God had turned his back on him. He tells us that even though he was in that “pit” for a time, eventually God picked him up, and he could see the sun again. David explains it this way in verse 5, “for his anger is but for a moment, but joy comes with the morning!”

Oh, what a hopeful statement! In essence, what David expresses, is that if we trust in God, even in the darkest places, there WILL be a morning. There will be a time of light and renewal, that will replace the “mourning” and grief that we feel in that dark time. God wants our happiness. However, happiness comes at a price. It is the contrast, over and against the pain, that makes joy what it is. Even in our unhappiness, we can have joy, knowing that Christ has overcome the evil in this world. While we must experience it for a time, we know that when Christ comes back, He will wipe away every tear from our eye. (V. 6-10)


Recently, one of my children has had their heart broken. When we are hurt, it’s bad enough. I think to watch someone you love hurt, is more painful when you can do nothing about it. Worse yet, you know that in order to eventually be happy, they will have to risk that hurt again and again. While we can, to some extent, deal with our own pain, to watch helplessly while someone else is in pain is heart wrenching. How do you think God feels when we hurt? He never wanted the world to be painful. Because of Adam’s sin, God has to sit by and watch as the effects of sin tear our hearts, and wrench our souls. It must grieve His heart to see that knowing that we must go through it.


Eventually, morning comes, and the long night or dark despair gives way to the dawn of the realization that pain is temporary, albeit necessary for now. God’s plan redeems that pain, and uses it to grow us in grace. While the pain can be intense, the joy can be much greater! David says in verse 11-12, “you have turned for me, my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness. That my glory may sing your praise and not be silent! Oh Lord, my God, I will give thanks to you forever!”



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