Psalms 31: The Joy of a True Friend

Psalms 31: The Joy of a True Friend


There are certain people in your life, whose faithfulness shows over time. Even in the worst of times, you can depend upon these people. Nevertheless, even the best of them will sometimes fail us. God is the one truly dependable friend. We often see our troubles as unique to us, and solely for our life’s sake. However, David sees the “big picture” in relationship to his trials. David views the evil in the world as a great cosmic battle between God, Satan, and Man. It is the power of good vs. the power of evil. David sees things the way they really are. Let’s look at the things he mentions.


In verse 1-5, David appeals to God’s sense of righteousness. He sees his enemy trying to bring shame on him. However, because of God’s covenant with David, he is appealing to God’s promises; Rather than take vengeance and sin himself, he is able to trust that God will not allow him to be dishonored. David can trust God to uphold him.


In verse 6-8, David is mindful of the fact that what his contemporaries are trusting in are make believe gods that are “figments of their imaginations,” and not effective. David tells God, that he is glad God is “really real,” and able to help him. David acknowledges that God knows everything there is to know about him. God knows David’s innermost thoughts and yet He still loves David and cares for him. God rescued David many times from calamity. Make believe gods can’t do that.


In verses 9-15, David pours his heart out to God. He “vents” his feelings about the people around him and his own sin. David is sorrowful because he has sinned; therefore, he has become weak. His reputation was damaged, and he is a hunted man. Because of the “baggage” he brings with relationship, people didn’t want to be associated with him. David is desperate, he has to trust God to rescue him, because others are plotting against his life. 

In verses 16-18, David cries out to God. He asked God to have mercy on him, and to save him from the wickedness in the world. In verses 19-22, David tells God how he is confident in the Lord’s goodness and willingness to save those who turn to Him. He thanks God for his righteousness and justice in punishing evil. He is glad for God’s mercy and forgiveness, so he thanks God.


In verses 23-24, David proclaims God’s goodness to the world. David calls everyone to find the joy of God as a true and faithful friend.


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