Psalms 35: Picking the Right Friends

Psalms 35: Picking the Right Friends


Did you ever trust someone who was untrustworthy? Have you ever made friends with a person who wasn’t a friend in the least? I’m sure we all have. However, making friends with God is always a sure bet even if our “friends” on Earth tell us not to. When you compare and contrast what God can do as our friend to what the world has to offer, there’s really no contest. Let’s look at the benefits of a friendship with God.


In verses 1-8, David is asking God to protect him from his enemies. David is not only asking for a protective shield, but also for God to do things no human friend could do. In verse 4, he is asking God to put these enemies to shame and to frustrate their ability to do evil. He asks God to send angels to scatter his enemies, and make them unable to do evil by chasing them into dark and slippery places (v. 5-6). David proclaims his innocence before God, and asks for divine retribution (v.7-8). David says in verse 9-10, If you will do that, I will extol your virtues to everyone.


In verses 11-16, David cries out to God and lets him know how “unfair” people have been to him. While he has defended them and been kind to them, they have maliciously sought to ruin him. They did not pray for Him as he did for them. Instead, they mocked him and tried to ruin his reputation. In verse 17-21 David asks God to vindicate him. David implores God to “not let them win.” In verses 22-28, David appeals to God’s faithfulness and righteousness. He asks for divine justice, which he knows, belongs only to God. Instead of “getting even,” David asks God to be the righteous “judge and jury,” and to mete out the right punishment for His name’s sake. David blesses God for his faithful friendship with David. Is God your friend?


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