Psalms 39: What’s the Point?

Psalms 39: What’s the Point


Have you ever contemplated the importance of your life? Have you ever thought, “what difference can I make?” Do you feel like a drop of water in a sea of humanity? My life is so brief, and my influence so small! Why am I even here? David is pondering this very thing. He sees the wicked and their prosperity, and it saddens him. He is both angry and afraid of offending God. He does not want to be “the fool,” but it seems that what he and others strive for is foolish.


David tries to “stuff his feelings,” and everyone knows this is not a successful venture. Finally, David cries out to God. He pours his emotions out like water. He asks God to deliver him from his wrong thinking, and to give him peace. David wants to be able to smile about life before he dies. David is not seeing God as a monster who hurts him. He sees him as “The Rescuer” and “Hero” that he is.


What about you? Are you stuffing your feelings because you are afraid of what God might do? Is your concern more about yourself and the people around you? Is your “suppression” working? Why not try talking or even crying out to God. It might lead to peace. What are you waiting for? There’s not much time.


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