Training with the Twelve- A Commentary on Discipleship

Training with the Twelve- A Commentary on Discipleship


I have often wondered what it would have been like if I was part of the entourage that traveled with Jesus in the 1st century. What would it have been like to be discipled by Jesus in person? My discipleship experience as a new Christian was unusual, as I understand from other Christian women around the world. Most have not even had any form of discipleship. What a Shame! It is an invaluable gift when a person pours into your life, what they have received from God. It gives you a picture of Jesus that is unlike any other.


That is probably why we, at Above & Beyond, make discipleship a priority. It is a “not to be missed” opportunity in the Christian life. Therefore, this series will be one that walks with Jesus as the disciples did. I will be using The Training of the Twelve by A.B. Bruce, D.D., as my guide. Perhaps, if you like the experience, you may choose to be discipled yourself. If so, I can help you with that.


Each segment will deal with an aspect of the training the apostles received from Christ.

There will be an insight, an activity, and some questions to meditate on. I hope you enjoy the series. You can read it here, download my podcast, or subscribe to my personal Bible Study Presentations for a modest monthly charge.


Additionally, if you would like to have personal discipleship with me or another Biblical Counselor you can reach me here or at my site We also will have webinars and small groups that you can attend. It will enrich your Christian experience to participate with others and share what God is doing in your life. The internet provides a rich format that can “shrink” the world and provide new vistas for Christian fellowship and prayer. Each week there will be a new topic, new questions, and new opportunities to meet. Enjoy!


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