The Beginning Part 3: Walking the Talk

The Beginning- Part 3: Walking the Talk


In learning about the experience of the twelve, we see a pattern that is, or should be, common among Christians. Jesus calls us, we respond, and an experienced person trains us to model the master. This should be normative in the Christian life; unfortunately, it is rare.


In our “hustle and bustle” lives, we have forgotten the importance of true discipleship, which is walking day by day in an intimate relationship with our Savior. We seem to think that Bible study, small groups, and church attendance is enough. The truth is while these things are important, none of these things provide enough personal nurture to develop true intimacy. Additionally, it is not the way Jesus discipled those around him.


My discipleship experience was rich. The one-on-one relationship I experienced as a new believer over a year, gave me a nuanced and deep relationship with Christ I could have never received otherwise. It is because of this experience that my life is spent discipling others. Over the course of ten years, I have had that type of relationship, to some degree, with hundreds of believers. Many of those have become active and fruitful ministers themselves. I encourage each of you to consider a one-on-one discipleship relationship. If you have no one in your local area, e-mail me. I would be glad to help.


My ministry Above & Beyond Discipleship, focuses on growing believers to live “Above and Beyond the N.O.R.M,” to maximize their life in Christ. Learning about Christ just as the twelve did, in a nurturing and individualized relationship is invaluable. You’ll learn how to make Christ your companion for life.



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