TTS: Prayer: What it says about you- Part 2

Prayer: What does it say about you?

Part 2


In Luke 11:1-14, Jesus repeats the core of the “Lord’s Prayer.”

1.         Whom is it centered on? Why is that?

2.         What does “hallowed” mean? Why is that important?

3.         Why do you think, “Who God is” was placed at the front of the model?

4.         What are the three things asked of God?

5.         What is “daily bread?” Why not weekly or monthly? Is asking for “daily bread,” the same as asking for anything we want? Why or Why not?

6.         Why is it important to forgive others?

7.         Why is it important not to be led into temptation?


In Matthew 6: 5-13, The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus talks a little more about the heart of a person who prays. In verses 5-7, He tells us how “not” to pray. What are those things to avoid?


1.         The Lord’s Prayer, then, is not a prayer in and of itself. If it is not, then what is it? How can you make this prayer your own?


2.         Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer as a model for young believers to pray. Do you use this model? Why or why not?


3.         What stage are you in as a believer?


Young     prays eagerly for everything.


Middle     prays selectively and may even have some doubt as to whether God will answer


Mature     knows what to pray for and even though waiting can be painful, continues to pray for the Lord’s sake and has the ability to wait for an answer.


If you have answered Young or Middle, you may need a discipleship relationship. Have you had one? Do you want one? If so, Above and Beyond can help!

Visit us on the web at or e-mail me:  and we’ll get you started.

 See ya next time!


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