TTS: Prayer: What it says about you- Part 3

Prayer: What it says about you- Part 3


As we conclude this week, let’s look at this lesson on prayer, and note several things.


First, prayer is central to the Christian life. Christ taught it and modeled it. Second, there are two types, corporate and individual prayer. Each type has its own significant purpose. The simple, brief, and comprehensive model that Jesus gave the disciples is good for all new believers to know and use, as they mature into seasoned Disciples of Christ.


Third, there are three stages of prayer in a believer’s life. The new stage of prayer is where the believers still have the freshness and enthusiasm of Christ’s first love. The new believer asks for everything in earnest. Next, the middle stage of prayer is where prayer may become stilted and dry. The idea of “waiting on God” can push the believer to doubt his faith.


Finally, as he learns through much experience that God is ultimately good, his faith, and prayer life grow into a patient “awaiting” of God’s action


Older and wiser Christians are not upset by God’s seeming delay. The mature Christian knows the difference between spiritual and material desires. While waiting can be painful, the seasoned believer is conscious of the fact that it is only in the waiting for that fulfillment that the joy is made complete.


The Lord’s Prayer is to believers, as an alphabet is to a person learning a new language. It is a building block to maturity and growth.


Jesus was more concerned with the believer’s faith than their forms (liturgy), but forms give the believer a good foundation to assimilate the totality of the Christian life. 


Our focus in prayer should be on our sanctification, and not focus on our personal and/or perceived needs being met. Jesus called the person who is always worried about self, a double-minded man, who should not expect God to answer. God already knows what we need and is not slow in taking care of those needs. He is already aware of how we feel when those needs are not met in our timing, or when we have to wait. However, God is not interested in jumping through hoops for believers. He wants us to grow up in our faith. He asks us to stay in contact through prayer, and trust Him for the “whys” of our situation. He wants us to have supernatural over natural faith. He wants us to be patient and not demanding, after all, what makes good things truly worth waiting for is the waiting itself. Each piece of a situation that we wait for is part of a divinely honed puzzle piece that is designed to play a vital role in our lives.


Our desire for instant gratification, much like a child, is a sign of our spiritual immaturity. To demand of God or not to pray at all speaks of the condition of our faith. So where’s your prayer life? Do you need to grow? If you do, I can help you with that!

E-mail me! Let’s get started! See ya next time!


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