Jesus Religion and YOU- Fasting Part 2

PART II Questions 

Read Matthew 9:14-17; Mark 2: 16-22; Luke 5: 33-39, and answer the following Questions


1. Have you ever fasted?

2. Why?

3. How did your fasting apply to your situation?

4. Was it the type of fasting that Christ talked about or was it more religious?

5. Do you see the differences? Why or Why not?


In looking at the followers of John the Baptist,


6. Why do you think they were fasting?

7. What would they need to do in order to fast the right way?

8. Why was their fasting O.K. by Jesus at that time?

9. Were they sad? Why?

10. What could they do to eliminate that sadness?

11. How would that affect their fasting?

12. How would their religion have changed according to Jesus view?


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