Jesus Religion and YOU- Fasting Part 3

Jesus Religion and You

Fasting for the Right Reasons- Past 3


What Jesus did was set in place what should have been the natural order to the practice of fasting. In all religious practice, in Christ, there is freedom and congruity. In Scripture, Jesus makes this clear. His “old cloak” and “old wineskin” analogies do not make a new religion. On the contrary, it clarifies the true religion that shows the congruity between one’s heart and one’s response to God.


Jesus came to set us free from our own enslavement to religion. He came to show us that true religion worships in spirit and in truth; that it comes from a heart of love toward God. Our religion, or the way we attempt to respond to God, says a lot about the quality of our relationship to Him.

 So how are you doing? How would Jesus view YOUR religion? Do you need some help? 

E-mail me here!  Let’s get started!

 See Ya Next time!   


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