Jesus Religion and YOu- Religious Right Part 3

TWTT Chapter 7.2 Jesus Religion and You: the Religious Right  Part 3 

The Pharisees’ idea of “cleanliness” was washing off the dirt that came from other people and things they deemed unacceptable. Their idea of “pure” and God’s idea of pure could not have been farther apart.  Jesus saw their hearts. Those hearts truly believed that they were better than others, and that God should have honored them and not vice versa.


Jesus confronted their pride with the idea that the problem was not their outer bodies. Their sin did not come from touching other people or things, but that it came from inside of them. Mere water could not rinse away the sin embedded deep in their hearts.


I know people, who are like this, don’t you? They view perceived sins of others that may not even be there in order to make themselves feel superior. However, to avoid looking at their own imperfections, they look down on those who they feel have violated some law. It may be false in totality, but to them that is irrelevant.

In Matthew 7:1-23, Jesus takes this head on. He shows the Pharisees that their hearts were dirtier than the sins they were accusing others of committing.


If we would look up and look in before we looked out at others, the Christian community might be compassionate. What a concept! In times of crises, very often the Christians are the least loving. They are often far worse than those of the world, especially to one of their own. They call each other “sister” or “brother” while they shoot and wound each other. Those who use opportunity to play “one upmanship” on a poor soul, not only justify their own bad behavior, but knife a person needing love and support in the back. Jesus had no stronger words than for people like this. He would do the same today. They are always religious and always right. We are all guilty of this to a degree.


Are you part of the religious right? Do you minister to others or are you stuck in your social group grubbing up Bible and nodding your heads at each other being religiously right? Do you see outsiders as the Pharisees did? “They shouldn’t dirty your church”…did you look at their hands? Do you think they looked at your heart? I’ll bet they did. What would Jesus do? Would He say about you, “That’s my servant! You can tell by the love in his heart.”  See ya next time…



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