Jesus Religion and YOU- Sabbath Keeping Part 2

Jesus Religion and You: Sabbath Keeping Love or Labor?Week 8 Chapter 7.3Part II 

Read the following Scripture: Matthew 12: 1-14; Mark 2:23-28, 3:1-6; Luke 6:1-11, 13:10-16, 14:1-6; John 5:1-18, 9:13-17


In Matthew:


  1. What was Jesus telling the Pharisees about their wrong thinking?
  2. What is it that He told them about their own hearts?
  3. Do you see how their evil thinking affected their behavior?
  4. List two examples

In Mark:

1.      What was Jesus’ point about the Sabbath being made for man and not vice versa?

2.      Why would the saying “the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath” anger the Pharisees?

3.      What did Jesus ask the Pharisees?

4.      Why?

5.      Why did their response grieve Jesus’ heart?

6.      Why did the Pharisees then conspire to kill Jesus?

In Luke

1.      Compare and contrast 6:1-11 with Matthew 12:1-14

2.      Matthew is the book of the King; Luke is the book of the man. How are the stories alike and different based on these two perspectives?

3.      In 13:10-16, what was the difference between Jesus’ view and the Pharisees’ view of the Sabbath?

4.      In 14:1-6, why would the Pharisees’ not answer Jesus?

5.      Do you think Jesus was a threat to them?

6.      Why or Why not?


In John

1.      In 5:1-18, Compare and contrast the Pharisee’s idea of Sabbath and Jesus’ idea.

2.      Why was Jesus’ idea better? Explain.

3.      In 9:13-17, what caused the division among the Pharisees? Why?

4.      Is this reason similar to what causes division in churches?

5.      Why or Why not?


See ya next time.



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