Jesus Religion and YOU- Sabbath Keeping Part 3

Jesus Religion and You: Sabbath Keeping Love or Labor?Week 8 Chapter 7.3Part III 

Jesus’ ministry certainly shook up the status quo for the Pharisees. Their idea of Sabbath keeping was to do good for themselves, and ignore their responsibility to God. Jesus aptly pointed out that their Sabbath was just rebellion in disguise. The idea is not to escape from God, but rather to escape from the pressures of the world.


Jesus showed them that a labor of love was not labor at all, and that in fact, love should be the motivation for all that we do. The Pharisees lack of love for God and others was exposed and condemned. It was for this reason that they wanted to kill Jesus. Their self-righteousness needed to be defended in their eyes, and no one, not even God, had better have the audacity to show them up.


How sad for them! Even as people with selfish and greedy hearts, they were made in God’s image. God loved them but He was not going to change reality to suit their twisted and reckless version of it. When God does not break the heart, it cannot love because the heart of man is evil. It takes an intervention by God to make a difference.

 It takes discipleship, and a heart that loves God and others. Not because we are good, but because He is Good and He first loved us. So this Sunday, you think about that. Is your Sabbath driven by love or labor?  See ya next time….


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