Getting the Lead Out- Part 2

Getting the Lead Out: Learning to EvangelizeWeek 9 Chapter 8Part II  

Jesus’ instructions to the twelve were time-phased. Some of the things He told them applied to the present, while some were a foretelling of the future. In each case, Jesus told them to take no provisions but God and the Gospel. 


Jesus wanted His disciples to be able to depend on God for everything.  What better practice than to do that while He was there.  Jesus was like the mother bird pushing her young out of the nest in order to teach them to fly.  The difference was that with Jesus, they had a net.


The other aspect of ministry Jesus instructed them on was the eventual coming of persecution.  While He was there, the disciples were relatively safe. After His ascension, however, things would be much different. But His instructions were the same, “take nothing but God and the Gospel.” What was Jesus thinking? How can you leave on a dangerous journey unprepared? The answer is that anyone who goes on God’s mission has the resources of the universe that God controls. God can use any means to equip His people. The options are limitless! He uses nature, which He can control. He uses the person’s gifting that He imbues. He can also use other people who come alongside His servant, and help to facilitate the mission. In all cases, the resources used all belong to God who can use them as He sees fit. Jesus knew this; the disciples had to learn it experientially.


Jesus calls each believer to go on a dangerous mission! It requires willingness to serve Him and it requires total dependence on His resources.


Just like the other disciples, Jesus gives us similar instructions. Go where I tell you, care not for the present, do not fear the future. We are dependent on Him for everything we need, even our very life. What say you? Are you willing? He is able! 

See ya next time!!


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