The Galilean Crisis and The Storm- Part 2

The Galilean Crisis and the Storm

Week 11 Chapter 9B

Part 2

Scripture: Mark 6:45-52, 14:24-33; John 6:16-21


In our desire to live a “stress free” life, we often act like Peter. WE want to run ahead of God and choose how our lives will work out. The last thing we want to do is to go through storms. Our prayer lives often reflect this. “God, please heal me or my friends from this or that.” “God give me peace in everything. Don’t let this person be sad, angry, lonely, or whatever”. WE want to be saved from experiencing those storms. Jesus, on the other hand, has a different agenda for the storms of our lives. Just as I was thinking it would take several hours on Makarios to “get close to God,” He arranged a storm that accomplished the task a lot quicker!


In those storms, we see where our faith needs work. WE see what strengths and weaknesses are still being worked upon. How do you see those storms? Think of a recent time in your life when God felt far off. Did the winds and waves rock your world? What did you learn about yourself? What were the areas that God exposed that you have not turned over to Him? How were you like Peter in that situation?


Eventually, Jesus does calm the storm. He steps in and reduces the stress if only for a time. Just like the disciples, when He steps in and takes over, He can move you instantly to the shore, safe, and secure on the other side.


In the storms of your life, remember, He is ever close, in all ways, yours always forever. See ya next time.


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