The Galilean Crisis and The Storm- Part 3

The Galilean Crisis and the Storm

Week 11 Chapter 9B

Part 3 Questions

Scripture: Mark 6:45-52, 14:24-33; John 6:16-21


Read Mark 6:45-52


1. Did Jesus know the disciples would go through a storm?

2. Why do you think He did not come sooner?

3. How could that experience grow their faith?

4. Did it? Why or Why not?


Read Mark 14:24-33


5. How was the dialogue between Jesus and Peter indicative of Peter’s immaturity? What was he focused on Why?

6. How do you think Peter felt, later, when he denied the Lord?

7. What important point did Peter miss when he says, “If I must die with you”?

8. How was that statement another denial of Christ?


Read John 6: 16-21


9. How does this account differ from the Mark passage?

10. What factors are  accentuated in each?

11. What miracle occurs in the john passage that is not mentioned in the Mark passage?

12. Does this mean that there are “contradictions” in Scripture? Explain.



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