An Apologetic For Fools Part 3

Training with the TwelveWeek 14 Chapter 10An Apologetic for FoolsJesus responds to a demand for ProofPart IIIQuestions 

  1. Read Matthew 16:1-12 and Mark 8:10-21
  2. In the Matthew segment, what did Jesus mean by the “leaven”
  3. What were its characteristics?
  4. Compare and contrast the Pharisees leaven and the yeast in bread dough.
  5. Why was Jesus frustrated with the disciples?
  6. What is it that they should have seen?
  7. Why didn’t they see it?
  8. In the Mark 8 passage verses 11-13
  9. How did Jesus feel about the skeptics?
  10. Did He feel compelled to answer them? Why or Why not?
  11. How did He respond to them?
  12. Why did He leave the area?
  13. What was Jesus feeling as He asked the disciples about “bread”?
  14. Why do you think He was frustrated?
  15. Look at the situation in your own life that is frustrating you.
  16. How can this story change your perspective?



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