Spin, Hype and a True Encounter with God Part 3

“Spin, Hype, and a True Encounter with God”

Matt 16:13-20; Mark 8:27-30; Luke 9:18-21

Part III


Read Matthew 16:13-20

1. What was typical of Peter’s response to Jesus?

2. How did Jesus say Peter came to know this Truth?

3. What would be Peter’s reward for acting on his faith?

4. In v.19-20, was Jesus talking just to Peter?

5. In your own words: what does this passage mean?

Read Mark 8:27-30

6. How does this version differ from the Matthew passage?

7. Why do you think Jesus asked them to keep it quiet?

Read Luke 9:18-21

8. How does this verse differ from the others?

9. Was Jesus just talking to Peter?

10. Write a paragraph about Peter’s confession. Does the Scripture say that Peter was now the head of the Church. Why or why not?



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