The Transfiguration: Glimpses of a Parallel Universe Part 1

Week 15 Chapter 15

Part I

 The Transfiguration: Glimpses of a Parallel Universe

Scripture: Matt 17:1-13; Mark 9:2-13; Luke 9: 28-36


After Jesus “dropped the bomb” about what was going to happen to Him, and subsequently, to all believers attempting to live a holy life, He took Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain to see something amazing.


There at the top of the hill, were Moses and Elijah. All of a sudden, Jesus shone in His transfigured form, as He would look in Heaven.


The heavenly visitors briefly talked to Jesus about His upcoming death and resurrection as the disciples gawked.


Peter, in his usual rush to judgment, asked if the should get busy building tents for the guests. Jesus, Bruce opines, must have been blessed to be surrounded by those who could understand what He was about to do, and could support His decision to do it.


His Earthly companions’ total lack of insight and awareness of His perspective rendered them unable to help Him. Seeing what He was going back to, says Bruce, comforted Him and enabled Him to go forward.


The interesting thing about this scene is the comparison and contrast of the heavenly inhabitants’ focus with the one of the earthbound disciples.


Moses and Elijah were concentrating on what God was doing in Christ. Their focus was on His agenda. On the other hand, Peter was still thinking about Earthly things, and his focus was on making tents for the visitors, assuming that they needed a place to stay. What was he thinking? Well, if you remember, he was waiting for the Messiah to come and conquer Israel’s enemies on Earth. He was waiting to be part of a conquering army. What a far cry from Jesus’ agenda, which was to suffer and die, so that impetuous Peter could eventually talk about the right things to the visitors he now saw. How is your view of heaven? Is it from God’s perspective or your own agenda? Check out your heart today! Read the Scriptures and see where you fit in….

See ya next time!



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