Self Esteem: Is that a Christian Concept? Part 2

Week 17 Chapter 14

Self Esteem: Is that a Christian Concept?

Part II

Matt 18:1-14; Mark 9: 35-37,42-50; Luke 9:46-48


We do not need to feel good about ourselves; we need to feel good about God’s love for us in spite of our depraved and pitiful self-esteem. Jesus’ command (Matt. 22; 35-37) to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength; and love our neighbor as we love ourselves never tells us that we should love ourselves. It tells us that we already do. What He wants us to do is to give all of that away. Our low self-esteem helps us to be more like Christ. Got low self-esteem? Hallelujah! You must be doing something right!


As we move toward Christmas, let us look at Christ’s total denial of self in coming to Earth as a little child. He was humble and meek. He came specifically to die for our inflated self-worth.


Let’s try in this time to be less consumed with our consumerism and more concerned for others, who could use ministry from us! Do something sacrificial this Christmas.  Instead of doing something for yourself, do it for someone else.  See if you can go 24 hours straight without using the “vertical pronoun” (I, me, my, mine, myself), and start over every time you miss. When you can finally do that, and it will be very hard, then use the knowledge of your own selfishness to focus on someone else’s need this season. Be self-forgetful just like Jesus.


See Ya Next Time



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