The Morality Police, or Restoration? Part 2

Week 18 Chapter 14B

 The Morality Police, or Restoration?

Part II


Discipline is a tough thing.  The attitude we take when using discipline with a person will affect the outcome of the situation.  Jesus gave us specifics in Matthew 18:15-21, on how to deal with persons who sin.  It is amazing how no one really uses that information.  Even in church leadership, often gossiping about a person is easier than confronting them as Jesus would have us do.  Under the guise of “not liking confrontation,” people will do the most awful things.


However, Jesus’ plan for restoration should take precedence over our desire to feel good.  Where does that leave us? You are right!  Just as guilty as the guy we are gossiping about.  How would WE want to be confronted on that? What WOULD Jesus do? Do we love Him enough to do it right? Jesus would because He first loved us….


See Ya Next Time


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