The Gift: Pay it Forward Part 2

The Gift: Pay it Forward Part II


In our lesson from “Training of the Twelve” this week, Jesus give the twelve an example of God’s expectation through the parable of the “Unmerciful Servant.”  In reading it, we all feel rage at the unmerciful actions of the ungrateful man toward his debtor. We are appalled at his behavior, since the King had already forgiven him of much more. We are all painfully aware of the effects of selfishness in relationships that we have been involved in. It also hurts to see it especially when we realize that it is exactly what we do to God. 


All God did was give us a gift. The Gift of Christmas (1Peter 3:18) was meant for relationship.  It was God’s gift to us of Himself. This Christmas, I want to challenge you to perhaps add a little of that in your holiday plans.


My husband and I started a ritual when we first married in order to make Christ more meaningful in our new blended family. This tradition has taken on a life of its own, and it is one the entire family looks forward to each year.


We pass out envelopes and paper on Christmas Eve after Church.  Before anyone opens a gift on Christmas morning, each must give Jesus a gift of something He does not already own, which is no small feat.  When everyone has decided what that is, they write it down, seal it in the envelope and put their name on the outside.  In the morning as we gather around the tree, we offer thanks to Jesus for His great gift, and we offer our gifts to Him.  The next year, we open the envelopes to see how faithfully we kept our promise. So what will you give Jesus this year? What is it that He does not already own? Could it be the gift of relationship?


Merry Christmas!….see you next year!


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