Wait Here…I’ll Be Right Back –Part 1

Final Week

Chapters 30-31

Wait Here…I’ll be right back!

From the Cross to the Second Coming

Matt. 28:18-20; Mark 16 15; Luke 24:47-53; Acts 1:1-8


After forty days of Jesus’ presence with them, the Twelve were now prepared to graduate. Jesus’ final instructions to them were cryptic, as usual. Our elated friends still thought that Jesus was back to conquer the world that they could see. However, they slowly caught on that Jesus was telling them….just wait here…I will be right back.


The final chapters of the Gospels tell us that Jesus wanted them to carry on His work in His absence, and that their work would be enabled by another helper, the Holy Spirit. His last forty days here prepared the twelve to become His Apostles, the sent out ones, and to form His Church. They were to become Ambassadors to the world, reconciling the world to God (2Cor. 5: 17-21). Just like them, we who name the name of Christ are to do the same.


In His last conversation with them, He gave them their instructions. He told them that they were to “preach repentance and remission of sins in the name of Jesus” to all nations (Bruce, p.533). They were to begin with the Jews in Jerusalem and move outward toward the ends of the Earth. They were to be witnesses to what they had seen and heard with their own eyes, especially the resurrection from the dead. Through His disciples, Jesus was going to conquer the world through peace (shalom) and reconciliation. Wow! What a concept!


While they were out saving the world, they were not to be left alone. Jesus would be present in their midst, even until the end of the age. The form He took would be quite different.  He was not saying a permanent goodbye…it was just a “see you later.”


When Jesus was about to leave, He told them that He would be back soon. What do you think He told them to do right away? He told them to wait. How frustrating!….but soldiers without equipment are no good at all. They had to wait in Jesus’ time for the power to come upon them. They would also wait, longer than they thought for His return.


In the meantime, they lived as Christians. They continued doing what their Master had taught them. They prayed, read Scripture and communed together. As they did, they grew. No longer were they the bumbling fools running ahead and skinning their knees. Their waiting allowed them the space to do exactly what Jesus had asked them to do at Gethsemane, pray and watch. They were now the Church.


When the Pentecost came, and the Holy Spirit was given to them, they had all they needed to accomplish their task. These twelve, from lowly fishermen to Christ’s chosen messengers, were now  trained to send the message to US…and so on and so on and so on….How are you handling the message?


We hope you have enjoyed this series. It was a long one. Our format now will turn to individuals. We will be looking at characters of the Bible and their walk with God. If you were blessed by this series, won’t you consider donating to Living Truth? Our website is www.livingtruth.us. There you can explore our ministries and find out how you can participate. We have enjoyed this series…we look forward to serving you soon…


See Ya Next Time



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