Here We Go Again…Part 1

Chapter 5
Genesis 6-7
Here we Go Again…..

Man’s progressiveness is a descending spiral of destruction, and not the ultimate utopia that he fantasizes about. Eventually, man’s heart is so self-consumed that he is again an endangered species at his own hand.

As a parent, I can only imagine God shaking his head and being both angry and sad at His creation. For He created a perfect world for man that could fulfill man’s dreams, and yet at every level, man steps in to “improve” upon something that he cannot possibly improve. It’s pitiful!

Man, at this point, has gotten so bad that God decides its time to start over. He sets His eyes on Noah because while still affected by sin, at least Noah is paying attention. Noah is faithful to his God.

Then, God speaking to Noah, proceeds to describe how to build a vessel that will carry God’s remnant to safety from the coming judgment; again, a covenant of God’s grace.
We, in the 21st century, have no problem understanding that God was telling Noah that He will destroy the Earth by flood; however, that must have seemed strange.

In Eden, there was no rain. Water came up from the ground to water the crops (Gen 2:6). What was a flood? and where would it come from? Well, it was no mere rainstorm…it was a cataclysmic event. Knowing that, God had to have Noah build one monster of a houseboat. He gave Noah explicit instructions to build the ark and gather those species that would be saved.

When they were safely inside, God unleashed the water that had been kept at bay since creation. The waters above the atmosphere met the waters below the Earth with such a force that the ground was upended. The bottom came up and the topside went down. God had returned the Earth to its primordial condition.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on a sailboat, just a little storm on the bay freaks me out. I can’t even imagine how Noah and his family must have felt.

After God’s appointed time, however, the rain stopped and things got quiet. It would still be quite awhile before they would be able to leave the Ark…about a year…what would you do for a year in a world of water?


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