A Floating Farm and an Everlasting Promise–Part 1

Chapter 6

A Floating Farm and an Everlasting Promise

Genesis 8-9


I can’t imagine what it might have been like for Noah and his family tending a floating farm in Water World for over a year.  The noise, the smell, the environment must have been at times overwhelming. Have you ever wondered what the quality of life for Noah’s family was at that time? It was more than a year before they could put their feet on terra firma.


When their high seas adventure was finally over, Noah continued farming on land (jobs were scarce). God responded to Noah’s faithfulness by making an everlasting covenant with Noah and all of his descendants (that would include us). It’s funny with God and covenants, He does all the work and we get all the benefits. In this one, God promises Noah and the world that it will never again be destroyed by flood; however, He didn’t say anything about fire (2Peter 3:10).


He also promises that while the Earth is still in existence, He will maintain the seasons, temperatures and the regularity that we have become accustomed to like the Sun coming up everyday. Even though, as God notes in this passage, man sins continually without even thinking about it from his youth.


As with all of His covenants, God chooses a sign so that He and we will remember His everlasting promise. He sets the rainbow in the sky so that every time it rains, and we see that bow in the sky, we will remember who keeps the world together, and who keeps His promises to us. What a good God.


Another peculiar thing that He does is to change our diet. He tells us that now we are carnivores in addition to our Edenic herbivore status. We are no longer vegans. He tells Noah that now animals will fear him (no surprise there). Who isn’t afraid of something that might eat them?  I often wonder why He did that? Why the addition of animal protein?


The covenant that God has with man and all creation is everlasting. It was a covenant with Noah and with us.  When you next see a rainbow, remember that promise.  Be thankful that He will not destroy the entire Earth by flood. Try to remember the floating farm and the everlasting promises of God.



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