Trusting God to Keep His Promises

Chapter 9

Trusting God to Keep His Promises

Genesis 15



In Genesis, time and time again, we see God trying to enter into covenants with man. He had a covenant of works with Adam and Eve where all they had to do was trust God’s word and not eat from that tree. Abel and Cain had to trust God’s goodness. Noah had to trust God to save him and his family from destruction by flood, even though it had never rained. As always, man is forgetful, he never remembers God’s faithfulness to fulfill His promises. Man is so concerned with himself and is own power, that he is prone to self destruct. Man is always thinking about how he can get God to do what he wants instead of appreciating what God has already provided.


However, God in His wisdom, always knows just what to do to keep man from harming himself and God’s plan. We see God scrambling languages and scattering people. The scattering allowed the world to be populated by new nations and new lands and countries to be formed. God’s creative power is always active and always amazing. This was especially true of Abram (and his wife, Sarai) with whom God was about to make a formal covenant. It would be a miracle of miracles.


Abram was concerned because God had promised him that he would be a father of many nations, and yet God had left out one thing. Abram had no children. In Abram’s eyes, it was impossible to have children now that he and Sarai were so old. God, however, is not limited by natural law as man is.  God sometimes goes beyond what man can understand so that man can see how extraordinary God is.  Without being able to “see” God physically, we must be able to see Him through what is made (Romans 1:18-21). We see Him through the clues He leaves about Himself in creation. We see the cause through the effect.  So it was with Abram.  His faith in God was based on what he knew about God through God’s faithful acts that Abram could “see” in his life.


So how do you see God? What clues are there in your life that scream, “Here I AM” to you? Look around this week, see what you can find.


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